WordPress Guts

How to save Time and Money setting up your WordPress website. Take a tour inside WordPress and follow along with outline & videos!read more

Snow Plowing and Lawn Care Tips

When the seasons change we need to adjust with them. Some simple actions we take at the beginning or end of a season can save potential headaches and money. These are some simple tips for each season to refresh our memories.  read more

Outdoor Service Since 2002

Wow! It feels just like yesterday (Established 2002), the passion and love for this industry continues to grow! I still can remember my first lawn mower and I also remember that darn thing breaking down every single week.read more

Lawn Care and WordPress

Can you build a lawn care WordPress website? Yes! You have been so busy running your landscape company, there is probably not a whole lot of time. From my own experience, I highly suggest you find the time for your business sake.read more

Adequate Watering

Watering your grass is one of the most important items to maintaining a healthy lawn. Obtaining adequate hydration requires at least 2 inches of moisture per week. Depending on your climate this may increase to 2 inches of water twice per week.read more

Lawn Care Estimate

When browsing the internet for lawn care services, do you expect a free estimate? The answer is simple; Yes you do. As a Stillwater lawn care service provider, Ring Lawn Care will suggest services you may have overlooked or had not known existed, that will be the best fit for you.read more

Tips For Lawn Care Business Partnership Success

Have you attempted to partner with another business in the same line of work or industry? Of course there are numerous variations of what a partner is: Marriage, teammate, etc. Owning a lawn care business in any economy has its risks.read more

Lawn Care Website Traffic

Website traffic is key for your lawn care business. Are you blogging for your lawn care business? Blogging is not hard, but it seems most business owners do not understand the importance of blogging for their niche. Often asking, “Why should I” or “What is that”?read more


One Time Lawn Mowing

There are occasions established lawn care providers will take on “one time lawn mowing” jobs. Most hate to refuse work, but there are times they just have to. Newer lawn care providers may take on these type’s of requests in order to build-up a base of accounts, but soon will realize that they will have a hard time relying on a weekly lawn mowing income.read more