Woodbury Fertilization Service

Spring IconOur Woodbury fertilization service has been structured for residential and commercial customers. When you hire Ring Lawn Care for your weekly lawn care services, you are hiring a professional lawn care company that understands turf needs.

Nutrients your lawn has been starving for will be our primary focus, when creating a lush and healthy root system. Hiring a professional fertilization service can mean the difference between a thriving or struggling lawn.

Early spring is the perfect time to apply a pre-emergent to fight pesky weeds. Along with a fertilizer to build the soils grass roots. Late spring is another opportunity to target broad leaf weeds and green up your turf with a controlled release fertilizer.

Mid summer presents a wait and see how your turf is responding to the previous applications. You will now have two options at this point, broad leaf killer or more fertilization. Weed control and fertilization work together when creating a lawn care maintenance program.



Fertilization for Woodbury Minnesota

Fertilization Program

Our fertilization service allows you the option of choosing a lawn care program that fits not only your budget needs, but your turf needs. Every lawn requires nutrients, air and water, but not all soil types are the same.

Not all turf need as many applications as others, but need to perform a core aeration every year for a successful campaign.  The fertilizer applied needs a certain amount of nutrients to maintain a successful lawn care program.


Weed Control

Weed Control for Woodbury, MNMinnesota provides many residential and commercial properties with unique weeds, but most can be prevented or rid of. Ring Lawn Care spares no expense when it comes to purchasing weed control products. Ensuring you the best product application every time, will show when your lawn is weed-free.

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