Lawn Care Website Traffic

Lawn Care Website Traffic

Lawn Care Website Traffic

Website traffic is key for your lawn care business. Are you blogging for your lawn care business? Blogging is not hard, but it seems most business owners do not understand the importance of blogging for their niche. Often asking, “Why should I” or “What is that”?

Well I suppose we can answer that, it is free and will generate website traffic to your WordPress lawn care website! It really does not matter what your industry so happens to be, there are groups and forums for every niche.


Website Traffic Statistics

The first thing you will want to do is set up a Google Webmaster Tools account which will provide statistics regarding your website. You will also want to add Google Analytics which can be merged with Webmaster Tools.

Google Analytics showcases key website traffic statistics that may not stick out to you right away, such as your websites:

  • Bounce Rate – This is when a visitor finds your site, indicates the amount of time readers spend on your pages.
  • Traffic Sources – This website statistic will show where your traffic is coming from.
  • Devices – Mobile and Personal Computer users are just a couple of examples you will notice that are finding your website.
  • Website Speed – Website traffic is one thing that Google and other search engines recognize, but website speed is a whole other element that should not be over looked. Google Developers speed is great for optimizing your website. Here you can test your website speed and receive very important information regarding fixes you can usually make yourself.
Of course your main goal is to write quality content to bring the bounce rate down and keep visitors on your pages. However for example, if you have no readers your bounce rate will be pushing the wrong way(100% is not good).

How To Get Website Traffic

How to get traffic to your website will be talked about for the rest of eternity. What I find most amusing, is the actual complaining about “No traffic to my website”. Most think they have nothing to write about.
It takes time, commitment and more importantly Hard Work to accomplish true traffic.
Let us be honest, how much traffic can a lawn care company website expect? Simple, as much as you put into getting it.
If you are a owner working in this industry or any other industry, then you know how hard it truly is to get traffic. Keep in mind that if you are making no effort to get your business found, it will not get found.


Free Ways For Website Traffic Success

There are tons of free ways to gain such traffic:
  • SEO (search engine optimization) and good content. The time and effort you put in will be absolutely rewarding. Free!
  • Social platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr(yes I said Flickr), YouTube and Craigslist…Free!
  • Forums relating to your niche are a great traffic getter, yes your peers will visit your website if you point them there. Free!
  • Listing your business with Google and other search engines…ahhh Free!
  • Commenting on blogs will create steady traffic back to your site. Simply commenting on blogs will help. When doing so, provide quality comments to attract potential website traffic. Free!
The more traffic you can attract to your site, the more Google and other search engines will take notice. So what are you waiting for?