Drugs Alcohol Sobriety

Drugs, Alcohol & Sobriety

My life has not always been an easy road, it is still work, just a different type of road. Growing up in South Minneapolis, there Ringahding2016were many tribulations that were presented to me. Drugs and alcohol were a real part of my up bringing. I had loved ones die from using drugs, others faced harsh consequences due to substance abuse.

After I graduated high school, I started to experiment myself. I had occasionally used drugs and drank alcohol during my youth, but when I was finally on my own that is when the real problems began. After many stays in jail and nights sleeping on the street, I knew I wanted better! It took a real conscious decision to put down the drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Today, my life is what most people dream of. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that life turned out the way it has for me. Now I help those in my industry, friends and family by sharing my story. My hopes is that some of my story will shed some light for those that are going through similar trying times.