Bitterly Cold Snow Plowing Event


After a long and dry December we finally received a snow fall around three inches. January 8th was bitterly cold with a wind chill around -30. The crews fought through it and managed to get the route finished in a timely manner.

Most snow events are a “schedule on the fly” situation. Meaning, there are certain factors that play a part in what properties take precedent. Factors such as:

  • Business Hours
  • Call from property
  • Time of Snow Fall
  • Employee Punctuality

Communication is a big player when attempting to service as many properties as we have. The number of properties we have may not seem significant, but the ratio – Equipment to Property is significant. It really does not matter how many properties you have, being serviceable should consume you as an owner/operations manager.

Hats off to the crews for toughing this one out! With no snow in sight for all of next week, back to working on lawn care service agreements.

First Snow of the 2011-12 Season

First Snow of the 2011-12 Season

It seems we have been waiting a long time for winters return to Minnesota, not really, especially after last snow plowing season making the record books for being the 4th snowiest winter in Minnesota history! We love the snow & appreciate mother natures gift but this snowfall was hardly what we are accustom to.
Hey this is Minnesota though, you never know when the big one is gonna hit.