One Time Lawn Mowing

There are occasions established lawn care providers will take on “one time lawn mowing” jobs. Most hate to refuse work, but there are times they just have to. Newer lawn care providers may take these requests in order to build-up a base of accounts, but soon will realize that they will have a hard time relying on a weekly lawn mowing income.


Watering your lawn

One of the most important items to maintain a healthy lawn, is adequate hydration. Your lawn needs 2 inches of water per week. This may increase to 2 inches of water twice per week in hotter climates or drought seasons. By getting down into the soil 2 inches you’ll promote great root structure for your turf. Just dampening the soil or watering your lawn everyday a little bit will only allow the water to just penetrate the soil. This will make for a very shallow root system…exactly what you do not want.

Son is off the hook ( for now )


Owning & operating a lawn care service has its ups and downs, just like any business. Over the years I’ve learned to accept that accidents happen, equipment breaks down, and people are just people. Yesterday was one of those days that all three of theses things came into play.


One time mowing

There are rare occasions we will take on a “one time mowing” job. Our earlier years when Ring Lawn Care was STARVING for jobs we would honor this. Now that we are in a position of being able to choose the accounts we want, we are strictly a weekly lawn care company. [youtube] (more…)

Spring Lawn Care

WOW! Minnesota weather never ceases to amaze…Now the Ring Lawn Care crew is itchin’ to get out there even more! (more…)