Commercial & Residential Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing


We offer snow plowing rates that are as affordable as our weekly lawn care. Ring Lawn Care knows winter time can be difficult in Minnesota and sometimes costly for snow plowing services. Current customers will tell you, we are there when you need us. Commercial and residential customers can be found near Stillwater, Lake Elmo, Bayport, Lakeland and Woodbury.

Parking lots and driveways

Snow Plowing parking lots with larger square footage, we will use our skid loader made by the Bobcat company. This machine gives us the ability to put snow in the least desired areas of your property, allowing a more natural flow for traffic. Snow plowing requires stamina and commitment.

Our team will be well rested so we can service your needs all year long. We use Boss Snow Plows, snow shovels and Toro snow blowers to keep your walkway, parking lot and driveway snow-free. Snow plowing to the areas that will give the easiest access, ensuring you peace of mind.

Commercial Snow Plowing

Residential Snow Plowing


Snow Blowing

Snow Shoveling

Commercial Property De-Icing

De-Icing materials are not cheap, neither are lawsuits. We understand the importance of safety for your customers and employees. Ring Lawn Cares clock-work style snow service will put your mind at ease for any icy conditions.

Our pro-active approach requires 24/7 monitoring of weather conditions. Sidewalks and driving areas are your primary gateway for business as usual. So do not let ice prevent customers or employees from entering your business property.

Snow plowing agreementcompose_256px

When we agree to provide snow plowing service to a customer they can count on us being there when we say we will. Seasonal packages or per event snow service are available but do fill up quickly. Setting up snow service prior to a snow event is your best chance to receive prompt service.

We make a commitment to you and our staff works hard to ensure a quality job is done the first time, every time. After the storm we will inspect our work in order to keep you safe and on the road.

Ice Dam Prevention

One of the last thoughts we as homeowners have on our mind is ice dams. Ice dams are a sure contributor for water damage. Icicles hanging from your roof is the first sign of ice dams forming. Roof repairs in Minnesota during winter time is very inconvenient and can be very costly. We offer roof snow removal for suburbs east of Saint Paul, MN such as: Stillwater, Lake Elmo, Grant, Bayport, Lakeland, Woodbury and West Lakeland.

Roof snow removal

Roof snow removalĀ is often overlooked until it’s too late. We highly recommend that when a sufficient amount of snow has fallen (often more than 4″), removal of at least 4′-6′ from the edge of the roof line will help in the prevention of Ice Dam build up. Your attic needs to breathe, if sufficient air temperatures are not met a frozen roof is inevitable. Snow should be cleared around chimneys, air ducts and vents.