Roof raking and Ice damsRoof Snow Removing

Ice dams building up on your roof? Many times customers will call with minor to major leaking in their homes. Ring Lawn Care provides prompt and caring roof raking service for Stillwater, Minnesota. Don’t wait until you find a LEAK in your bathroom or your living room.

Ice dams occur when the interior temperature of your home’s attic is warmer than temperature of your roof. Snow and ice on the heated surface of the roof melt from the bottom up, resulting in water flowing toward your gutters.

The best way to deter the formation of ice dams is by having a properly vented roof. An effective roof vent helps to balance the temperature of your roof and attic and prevent the “freeze and thaw” cycle from occurring.

If your roof does not have a full-length ridge vent, or if the vent is old or not allowing air to flow freely, it is a good idea to replace it before ice dam problems begin. A complete ventilation system also includes under-eave soffits that bring outside air into your attic. The key is to have the attic temperature as close as possible to the outside roof temperature and good to new insulation will help tremendously.

When snowfalls of more than four inches accumulate on your roof, snow should be removed from the eaves promptly before any “freezing & thawing” can occur. It is recommended that at least four feet of snow be removed from the eaves edge to lessen the likelihood of any ice dam formations.