Owning & operating a lawn care service has its ups and downs, just like any business. Over the years I’ve learned to accept that accidents happen, equipment breaks down, and people are just people. Yesterday was one of those days that all three of theses things came into play.

We had been mowing all day and we were attempting to start on the next days route, due to the local forecast. So we are heading to job number three of the route and everything was going like clock-work until, all of a sudden I look over at my son and he’s staring at the $6,000 mower he was using. “Now what happened?” I asked myself. This type of thing is not uncommon, but my heart and blood pressure always get to pumping. I pull over on my mower and hear this awful noise. He said “I hit something.” Result = Done for the day!

Today I got up around the same time as always and since it had rained I felt little pressure (not really) to hurry up. Sometime ago we replaced a PTO clutch on another mower and I never threw out the one we replaced, so I tried that approach first. WULLAH!  you guessed it, I put that one on and BINGO! Just need a new belt and we will be off cutting lawns again today!

The wonderful thing about a family operation is that everyone is invested. My son offered right away $1,000,  my head was racing, but told him NO ! No way in the world would I ever take money from anyone due to an accident. I will make him sweat it out a little bit before I tell him it’s fixed.

The old electric PTO clutch