Fall Lawn Care

Fall Lawn Care and Leaf Clean UpLeaf clean up Lakeland MN-001

Completing a few fall lawn care projects, some we may not ever have thought of, can save a lot of work before the lilac trees start blooming. A last sprucing of the lawn before winter will benefit your turf come spring. The gratification of not only being able to look back at your work and see your accomplishment, but when spring does shine on us you will see all your fall lawn care efforts have paid off.

Fall lawn care tips that will benefit your turf:

The benefits of a leaf clean up will ultimately prevent thatch build up over the winter months. If fall lawn care has not been performed you will definitely recognize the decline in your turfs health come spring. Over the summer your soil has become compacted or matted either from foot traffic or the lawn mower(see lawn aeration).

Mulching the leaves and grass is great for the turf. However, you must cut leaves to such a degree that it may turn into much more work than anticipated. Ring Lawn Care provides leaf clean up for your landscaping and turf.

All debris needs to be picked up or bagged and disposed of properly. For instance, in your garden that has already been prepped for winter, to the curb for pick up or in a wooded area are great places you can utilize. The very last lawn mowing (2″ to 2 1/2″ cut) for the year is performed and the grass clippings will be collected as well.

Core Aeration for residential customer

Core aeration should be performed every year

  • Lawn aeration needs to be performed every season. An aerator plugs three-inch holes into the turf which relieves compaction of the soil. This will allow nutrients, air and fertilizer to find their way to the root zones of the grass plant. You can rent an aerator at your favorite rental outfit, but would suggest hiring a professional, it is more physical than one could imagine. When spring comes you will be patting yourself on the back for performing this action, because the results are amazing.
  • Fertilization in late fall will benefit your turf and help prevent disease, snow mold and many other unwanted entities. Applying a potassium and nitrogen slow release granular fertilizer will help green up and build a solid root grass when spring arrives.
  • If you have a dog/s, cleaning the feces from the turf will prevent the spreading of many diseases your lawn or possibly you won’t care for.


Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutters clean will produce natural water flow

Do not forget to clean your gutters. Before the fall lawn care process, cleaning the gutters should be done first, and this should be performed at least three times per season.

This will help in the prevention of Ice dams and allow water to flow naturally. After you have cleaned the gutters of leaves and sticks, run a garden hose or pour a pitcher of water in the down-spout until you see the water flush out any left over debris. Hire a professional if you are uncomfortable on a ladder or do not care to be on a roof.

If mother nature has blessed you with time to spare, shrub trimming  would be a great idea too. Fall lawn care should be a part of your yearly home and turf maintenance schedule.