Since 2002 Ring Lawn Care has been providing Residential & Commercial Outdoor Services

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The lawn care and snow industry has become a way of life for myself and family. My name is Bryan Ring, but most know me as “RingahDing”.

As a kid I would provide lawn mowing free of charge for some of my neighbors or snow shoveling the whole neighborhood out. Just for the love of doing it.

Having a real love for what I do and incredible passion for people have made my parents proud.

Appreciating all the gifts of life, experiences along this journey and opportunities that have presented themselves, have made me the person my parents knew I would become.

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Lawn Care & Snow Services

Weekly Lawn Mowing

Residential and commercial property lawn mowing
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Core Aeration

Most cultural beneficial practice for your lawn
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Regular lawn feeding and weed control
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Snow Plowing

Residential and commercial snow plowing
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Core Aeration 2015

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Snow Plowing

Ring Lawn Care provides snow service for commercial and residential properties.
Customers near Stillwater, Lake Elmo, Maplewood and Roseville receive reliable and professional weekly lawn care, along with prompt snow removal service.

Providing quality and affordable snow plowing services for all type of property sizes.


Lawn Care

We would love to discuss outdoor services with you that will promote healthy turf growth. Services such as Fertilization and Fall Lawn Care are very important for your lawns overall success.

Did you know that Core aeration should be performed once per growing season and is the most beneficial cultural practice lawn service?

Did we forget to mention that we also provide Weekly Lawn Mowing for residential and commercial properties?

Lawn Mowing

Ring Lawn Care’s weekly lawn mowing has been set up for commercial and residential customers that are seeking curb appeal. Experience above average service from a reliable and trusted outdoor service.


Healthy lawns can be achieved with our fertilization and weed control programs. We have several programs to fit your turf and budget needs. Enjoy your lawn all summer long and cross another one off the to do list.


Improving your landscape can add more value to your property. From shrub trimming to simply adding a top layer of landscape mulch. These actions will create a curb appeal you knew was missing from your property.

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing  for residential and commercial customers is our specialty. When snow and ice accumulate, we are there. Customers can rely on us to get them on the road. Our snow plowing services are a 24/7 operation.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves with quality customer service. Satisfied lawn care customers can be found around Stillwater, Roseville, Lakeland and Lake Elmo in Minnesota. You deserve the work ethic of a great service provider.

Ring Lawn Care is your local outdoor service since 2002. Are you ready for the friendliest and most reliable property management in your area?

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